American Express

iPad Sales Tool


American Express was looking for an improved way to gather email addresses of potential Cardmembers with an email capture form. American Express’ goal was to leverage their presence of marketing materials and sales agents at Toronto Pearson Airport.

I’m like most travellers when I’m at the airport, I’m on a mission. I have very little interest in speaking with sales agents of any sort. Travellers, including myself briskly walk through airport terminals to get to their gate. Therefore, I wanted to give the agents a tool to help capture travellers interest.

To do this, it was important to give context to the viewer when the agent approached. Potential leads would be presented with all the Cards to better understand why the agent was approaching them.

This allowed the agent to give a rundown of all their benefits and proposition them to sign up to recieve an email. Agents could swipe through each of the Cards and select one or more Cards that the prospective cardmember showed an interest in.

As the lead designer, I thought very hard about the interaction between the agent and potential lead. Throughout the revision and approval process I always came back to the vision I had and made sure we remained on target.

Once the design was approved I dove into the development. As this page would only ever be viewed on an iPad, I focused purely on touch interactions on iOS.

This project was one of a few elements I created for American Express at Toronto Pearson Airport. The entire campaign has been very successful for them and they have been able to acquire over a million new leads.