CAA South Central Ontario

Auto Insurance Landing Page


CAA was looking to create an informational landing page to educate people on how they could save on auto insurance. Like most people, I kind of tune out when it comes to the ins and outs of auto insurance, so I set out to add some fun to the page while still showcasing the benefits of CAA Auto Insurance.

I decided to leverage a car driving through the benefits and features of CAA Auto Insurance. The car would swerve through each of the benefits and ultimately experience the challenges a driver faces on the road.

Having never completed a parallax page like this before, I realized I was up against quite a few challenges. The biggest of which for me was making the car follow the curves in the road while the page scrolled. My research brought forward the concept of using SVG to draw the path and using JavaScript to position the car.

After many cups of coffee and several iterations of an SVG path, the project came to completion. I’m very happy with the results, but even more happy with the learnings. Take control of the car yourself under the Auto Insurance section of CAA website.



Thanks for checking out my work.