State Farm Insurance

Fall Advertising Campaign


In 2015, Ontario and Alberta made changes to regulations regarding auto insurance. These changes allowed providers to change their policies and offer substantial savings on auto insurance. To inform current and potential clients, State Farm commissioned G+A to create their first semi-national Canadian campaign.

As a team of three, we brainstormed and worked to flush out several creative ideas before settling on “Start driving your auto insurance savings further…” as our creative recommendation.

Once creative was selected, I worked diligently with the Account Manager to keep the campaign organized and maintain artwork consistency.

We created the following elements for two markets – Ontario and Alberta.

  • Large Direct Mail Brochure
  • Various Post Cards
  • Free Standing Insert
  • In-agency Poster
  • Billboards
  • Bus Shelter Poster
  • Homepage Hero
  • The Weather Network Takeover
  • Auto Trader Digital Ad
  • Various Sized Web Banners

Along with keeping the campaign organized, I worked with the studio to execute artwork. The time constraints and lighting fast approval process on this campaign kept me on my toes for a few weeks, but the campaign went off without a hitch. A variation of the campaign creative can still be seen on


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